Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today is DADDY day with my Lex.... we started the day off by watching the movie MAGIC!!!!! a very good movie about a freak and his doll kindof reminded me about Kenny, ha ha but a whole list of horror movie's on AMC today...... thank god my MILF isnt here to complain about the blood and guts LOL but im raising my boy to be just like me!!!!!!

we just ordered are new phone's LOLMy MILF will final have a nice phone again good for her

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tha Amazing Racist - AmpLand Humor

Tha Amazing Racist - AmpLand Humor

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Financial Employee Leasing.....

Will I got to work today and all seemed well..... until last break when my boss called me into his office and let me go!!!!! can you fucking beleive it, LOL he tells me there was not enuff work to keep me on.... no fucking shit I sit around trying to look busy all frigging day just waiting for the hammer to drop it was classic when i sat down in his office that was the first thing i asked ( am i getting fired) LOL he tells me his story and I start to laugh at him and he sat there with a deer in the head light look and said he was very sorry and as i stood up.... I said I wasnt and was glad it was over, I didnt need a crystal ball to tell my future with that company ha ha.

wish me luck all because i am on the hunt for but another job in sunny Florida!!!!!

Oh I thought I would put this picture up for you all because nothing appears what it really is untill it is to late, LOL